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The 2-step RT-PCR kit is specially designed to provide reliable synthesis of full-length cDNA and convenient application of cDNA in PCR. M-MuLV RNase H- synthesizes complementary DNA strand initiating from a specific primer, oligo d(T) or random hexamer. The absence of RNase H enhances the synthesis of long cDNA as the RNA strand does not degrade in DNA-RNA hybrid during first strand cDNA synthesis. With the variety of kit options for standard PCR and long PCR, the 2-step RT-PCR kit provides flexibility in an easy use format.

High yield: Absence of RNase H activity allows high amount of full length cDNA synthesis with RNA

Templates up to 10kb.

Flexible: Wide selection of primers, oligo d(T) or random hexamer. Taq DNA polymerase and MaxTaq

DNA polymerase for amplification of short and long DNA fragment.

Highly compatible with various routine PCR amplifications.

Allows synthesis of full length cDNA from various RNA templates up to 9.8kb.

High capacity and able to copy up to 2μg of purified mRNA


Viva 2-steps   RT-PCR Kit with M-MuLV RT/Taq DNA Polymerase

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